About the Blog

This blog is aimed at cycling/bicycles enthusiasts.

For five years it was mainly updated with low-quality and personal stuff reviews. Even though, it got over 50,000 visitors (1,000 on average a month) without any type of social or media advertising. Friends didn´t even know  :mrgreen:.

Only random visitors thanks to Google search engine and some external links coming from internet boards.

From now on bike repairs, technical advice and analytic articles about the bicycle industry will be seen regularly on this site.

English now will be used on a daily basis because lately everyone else around me uses it and 80% of the websites I browse are written in this language. But just because I found English an interesting way to deliver my knowledge to a new community does not mean that if one day I wake up “espesito” (tongue-tied) I am not going to use Spanish. It’s likely to happen that I will switch from one to another indistinctly with no spanglish… or just a little :D.

By the way, you might be wondering why my blog is now called Llave Inglesa (previously it had no name, just my nick). It means spanner, and in many european countries like mine the term English key (llave inglesa) refers exclusively to the adjustable ones (open-ended). It’s basically a nice play on words that I wanted to use considering I lived in England for two years and the content of this blog.


  • 1. Bicycle Garage Let’s talk about bikes. Brand new ones and also my quiver of bikes.
  • 2. Repairs & Tools Overhauling bikes and parts is funny, isn´t it?
  • 3. Parts & Tech info A very personal view of cycling products and technical reviews
  • 4. Analysis The geek corner with articles to gain understanding of how bikes work and basic physics
  • 5. Bikes Rides & Cycling Events I used to be a cyclist and sometimes posted my impressions after attending a bike reunion.
  • 6. In Limbo Otros lo llaman miscelánea, varios, off-topic, uncategorized, etc.

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  1. glipkeriokistomerces

    Has hecho un buen trabajo en esta pagina….www.skatofix.wordpress.com
    Bye Bro

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