Brompton inner tubes

As we’ve seen in previous entries nothing in the Brompton universe is straightforward. Inner tubes compatibility are ample proof of this.

If you eventually need to replace them, bear in mind that a regular 16″ children bike tube will not fit. This is the one you are likely to find in a rush in a bike shop and for your surprise too wide. You’ll notice is very tricky when sliding it inside the tyre. These inners will cover ranges between 1.75 to 2.125 inches (45-50mm).

On the other hand, Bromptons are equipped with up to 1.37″ (1 3/8″, 35mm) inches width tyres. Schwalbe makes good quality spares and are the ones I recommend.

Compatible inner tubes suit from 28 to 37 mm width tyres

Compatible inner tubes must suit 28 to 37 mm width tyres

Most of the Brompton compatible tubes fit tyres from 340 to 355 mm bead seat and widths from 28 to 37 mm approximately.

16 inches inner tubes are very light :mrgreen:

16″ inner tubes are small and as a result very light :mrgreen:


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